Communication Creates Community:

Legacy Series

Erin Cottrell – Actress

Do you think your life ends when you have a child? Well, think again. Erin Cottrell is a fantastic, hands-on mom, fabulous wife and is living her passion of acting and filmmaking. If you want to learn how to “have it all,” this is the interview to watch.

John Posey – Actor

Do you think that life is against you and that you can’t catch a break? If so, do what John Posey did… create your own show and take it on the road. Yes, it is easier than you think and John will talk about how he did it and how that launched his successful career as an actor.

Jessica Cox – Inspirational Speaker

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself because of your limitations? Did you not have support from your parents? Do you not have enough money to pursue your dreams? Are you not attractive enough? Smart enough? Well, Jessica Cox shares with us how there are no limitations only limiting thoughts. She was born without arms and is happy and soaring in her phenomenal life.

Fred Powers – Entrepreneur

Have you ever wanted a friend that always had your back? Or a group of colleagues that support you? In this interview Fred Powers shares with us how to build those kinds of friendships and community. His home is always open and his heart reaches wide and far. He also shares millionaire mind strategies.

Brian Tee – Actor

Have you felt like what you dream of is hard or impossible to reach because of the limitations of your ethnicity? Well, put those thoughts on a leaf and let them fly away. Brian Tee will show you that you can reach your dreams by working at your craft, being a conscious person and living from an open heart.

Mirelly Taylor – Actress

The beautiful, talented Mirelly Taylor went from a life not working, to soaring in every area. If you are in a space of wanting your life to work out but don’t have a roadmap, watch this interview.

Heather Carter – Yogi/Alchemist/Mermaid

Heather learned fast that life was short and she wasn’t going to waste her time working eighty-hour work weeks to amass a fortune, to buy a house, have a mortgage, and collect stuff. Instead she decided to become a mermaid, a yogi, an alchemist and everything spiritual. She is living a peaceful life with her partner of many years and spends most of her time in the water and milking life for what it’s supposed to be – enjoyable – instead of stressful.

Sue Wong Part One – Fashion Designer

Sue Wong is the perfect example with knowing that once you find your purpose, you will have the drive and commitment to make life happen for you. She had all the odds against her as a Chinese immigrant with little money and she turned herself into one of the most successful women in the world. She talks about her journey and how anyone can do it, if they know what they want.

Lauren Selman – Producer/Athlete/Activist

Is it possible by the age of 29 to already be an international speaker, filmmaker, activist and athlete? The answer is yes and Lauren Selman is proof. In this episode you’ll learn how to set your mind to something and achieve it, it’s not as hard as you think.

Jodie Sweetin – Actress/Author

Do you or a loved one struggle with addiction? Find out how actor Jodie Sweetin transformed a life long struggle into a portal to help others in this Legacy Series interview.

Kenneth Rippetoe – Entrepreneur

If you're looking for an example of someone who manages to live a prosperous and lucrative career through service to others, look no further. Kenneth Rippetoe is changing lives and making a living doing it! Lisa Haisha learns his secrets in this Legacy Series interview!

Marianne Williamson – Spiritual Teacher/Author

It's not often that one of the most celebrated spiritual teachers in the world spends an hour with you discussing the nature of The Self, God, love, and how they all fit together, but that's exactly what happened when Marianne Williamson honored Lisa by sharing her profound wisdom during this Legacy Series interview.

Larry Benet – Speaker/Connector

In this Legacy Series interview , connection expert Larry Benet shares how strategically organizing and being of service to your network of associates can change your life and your career.

Paul Ryan – Host/Interviewer

No man knows more about the mind of entertainers than Paul Ryan, whose curiosity and gift for gab allowed him the opportunity to interview over 2,000 celebrities around the world including Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, and Sophia Loren.