Communication Creates Community:

    Legacy Series One

    Kenneth Rippetoe – Entrepreneur

    If you're looking for an example of someone who manages to live a prosperous and lucrative career through service to others, look no further. Kenneth Rippetoe is changing lives and making a living doing it! Lisa Haisha learns his secrets in this Legacy Series interview!

    Marianne Williamson – Spiritual Teacher/Author

    It's not often that one of the most celebrated spiritual teachers in the world spends an hour with you discussing the nature of The Self, God, love, and how they all fit together, but that's exactly what happened when Marianne Williamson honored Lisa by sharing her profound wisdom during this Legacy Series interview.

    Larry Benet – Speaker/Connector

    In this Legacy Series interview , connection expert Larry Benet shares how strategically organizing and being of service to your network of associates can change your life and your career.

    Paul Ryan – Host/Interviewer

    No man knows more about the mind of entertainers than Paul Ryan, whose curiosity and gift for gab allowed him the opportunity to interview over 2,000 celebrities around the world including Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, and Sophia Loren.

    Mark Harari – Fitness Expert

    For this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha expected "fitness expert to the stars" and gym owner Mark Harari's ego to be as big as his biceps, but it turns out it was his heart that was the biggest of all.

    Raweia Nouri – Interior Designer

    When Lisa Haisha met Syrian citizen Raweia Nouri for The Legacy Series, she knew this was an opportunity to hear about the human side of Syrian culture outside of the news cycle that focuses on the atrocities that continue to persist in the war-torn country.

    Virginia Williams – Actress

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha learns how Virginia crafted a life for herself in Hollywood without the industry swallowing her whole, by living by specific mantras and behaviors, while surrounding herself with like-minded peers who challenge her to be excellent in all ways.

    Bruce Garnitz – Singer/Songwriter

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha sits down with bandleader and singer/songwriter Bruce Garnitz to discuss fulfilling his lifelong dream of writing and performing music. Bruce is a staple of the Los Angeles event music industry, and he discusses his struggles and triumphs as a lifetime musician whose career has spanned decades.

    Michael Levine – Publicist/Motivational Speaker/Author

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha speaks to her dear friend Michael Levine about his storied transformation from an underdog Los Angeles dreamer to one of the top publicists of his generation, bestselling author, and motivational speaker. Levine's childhood struggles growing up in an alcoholic family, to his discovery of how calculated hard work can win the day are just a few of the inspiring topics he discusses in this interview.

    Leon Logothetis – Author/Host

    In this Legacy Series episode, Lisa Haisha discusses Leon Logothetis' philosophy of kindness, the role that fear plays in our lives, how being of service to others is often the salve for a broken soul, and his new book The Kindness Diaries.

    Sally Kirkland – Actress

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha discovers Sally Kirkland's storied film and television career, love affairs with dynamic artists including Bob Dylan, and passion for painting, are matched only by her quest for spiritual enlightenment as an ordained minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

    Brianna Brown – Actress/Philanthropist

    Lisa Haisha learns about Brianna Brown's challenging childhood, her exodus to Los Angeles where she was quickly well-received, and her passionate efforts to create a Hollywood free from the exploitation and subjugation of women, both on and off the screen.

    Lisa Garr – Host/Author

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha and Lisa Garr discuss it all-- how her passion for communication and learning developed into a successful career that she loves, to her most recent passion, food purity. Lisa and Lisa's gift for gab will fill your brain and want you to fill your stomach... with healthy food!

    Christopher Howard – Life Coach

    Questions about how to manage life expectations, release ones' self from materialism and ego, and discovering your life purpose are just a few of the myriad topics they cover, so grab a tea with Lisa Haisha and Christopher Howard and enjoy!

    Alexis Carra – Actress

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha and Alexis Carra speak about Alexis' challenging young years, fearlessness auditioning for huge roles (which she booked), and what qualities it takes to be a successful human being.

    Dr. Jon Perlman – Plastic Surgeon

    In this episode of Lisa Haisha's Legacy Series, Dr. Perlman answers Lisa's questions about beauty, self esteem, and when "enough is enough" when patients can't get enough under the knife.

    Eve Selis – Singer/Songwriter

    As the winner of 7 San Diego Music Awards in Americana and Adult Alternative, Eve Selis' storied career as a singer/songwriter is chronicled through a revealing interview with Lisa Haisha.

    Lee Aronsohn – Writer/Producer

    Lisa Haisha learns things about her husband's life story (yes, husband!) that she was amazing by, and you will be, too. Lee shares his unusual journey into the world of Hollywood, his struggles with addiction, and his triumphant return to television and a life of dynamic and inspiring transformation.

    Shellie Hunt – Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur

    In this Legacy series episode, Lisa Haisha and Shellie Hunt talk about Shellie's incredible journey and the wisdom she's learned along the way. Prepare yourself for a huge dose of vital information if you'd like to infuse your brain with success tools that have improved the lives of the best and brightest!

    Jon Cryer – Actor

    You know the saying "It takes ten years to become an overnight success?" Jon Cryer lived it. Lisa Haisha interviews Jon for The Legacy Series.

    Bill Meyers – Composer

    Bill Meyers – Composer Grammy-nominated Bill Meyers’ credits read like a who’s who of American hit music… Justin Timberlake, Babyface, Whitney Houston, Neil Diamond, Michael... Read More