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    Christopher Howard – Life Coach

    Christopher Howard’s advice often costs $5,000 an hour, but for this Legacy Series episode, this one’s on the house!

    As one of the most successful motivational speakers of his time, Christopher has touched over a million people’s lives through his teachings and programs. He is known for both his heart-felt approach to transformation as well as his ability to help people to rapidly transform their businesses and their lives for the better. Because of this, his seminars and products have generated well over 100 million dollars in sales globally. He has personally done million dollar sales days, over and over and over again (an accomplishment which is only held by a handful of the very top 1% of speakers in the personal and professional development industry, including the likes of Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker).

    A colleague and friend of Lisa’s for some time, Lisa and Chris wax poetic about Chris’ rise to superstardom as one of the world’s most sought after speakers, his challenging downward spiral, and the reinvention of his life through mantras of service and giving where he has found success yet again. Questions about how to manage life expectations, release ones’ self from materialism and ego, as well as discovering your life purpose are just a few of the myriad topics they cover, so grab a tea with Lisa and Chris and enjoy!

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    1. Philip

      It is really good to hear Chris speak in this interview. It was about 10 years ago I went to his weekend in London and he made a great impression on me and some of my recently achievement was the result of a seed of thought started that weekend. Love to see to again sometime Chris.
      Best wishes and blessing Phil Chan (The 10-Seconds Maths Expert)

    2. Thank you Lisa for showing this interview with Chris Howard. It was really inspiring and heartwarming! It shows Chris as such a bright light shining on this planet and his authenticity and genuine caring and compassion for his fellow human beings comes across so proudly.
      It was awesome and very moving!
      Thank you so much

    3. Tara

      I went to a Chris Howard Event in London years ago. Where he talked the audience through a very powerful NLP intention for setting the future. My visualisation involved talking to a specific famous person who could help me with my career. The next day, on my way to Day2 of the event, I bumped into that person on the train!

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