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    Jon Cryer – Actor

    An actor at the top of his game, Jon Cryer remains humble and hardworking. You know the saying, “It takes ten years to become an overnight success?” Jon Cryer lived it. This hardworking actor first made his mark in the John Hughes smash Pretty in Pink but struggled for years to find a television show to star in that would be a hit. Eventually, he did hit the bullseye in the popular show Two and a Half Men.

    In this Legacy Series episode, Lisa Haisha learns about Jon’s struggle as a working actor, to how he deals with immense fame and fortune; and the wisdom he’s learned along the way. Whether or not you’re an actor, this episode can teach us all how to make our mark without leaving scars.

    To learn more information about Jon Cryer, you can visit his IMDB page here or follow him on Twitter @MrJonCryer



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