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    Kenneth Rippetoe – Entrepreneur

    Think helping others can’t pay the bills? This man shows you how wrong you are!

    After watching this Legacy Series interview, you won’t believe that Kenneth Rippetoe has ever had life challenges that he couldn’t handle, but that’s exactly how he met Lisa Haisha. Kenneth hired her to coach him on some issues he was dealing with both personally and professionally. She was so impressed with his dedication to improve (and he did), that she asked him if he would be interested in learning her life coaching methods to become Lisa’s very first student.

    Here we are only a few years later, and Kenneth’s life is in full blossom! He is healing others through his own life coaching practice and he has also seen the manifestation of his vision to make a swim school that he founded, One with the Water. As one of the most successful swim school in the Los Angeles area, One with the Water is dedicated to helping children of all ages learn how to swim. But what’s most exceptional about his school is that he specializes in teaching children with special needs and from low income families the confidence-building skills of life through learning how to swim.

    If you’re looking for an example of someone who manages to live a prosperous and lucrative career through service to others, look no further, but certainly watch further! Nothing is impossible; learn why in Lisa and Kenneth’s enlightening conversation.

    To learn more information about Kenneth Rippetoe’s swim school, visit his site:



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