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    Lee Aronsohn – Writer/Producer

    Can you say, “television genius?” This quality comes to mind when you learn that Lee Aronsohn was behind the acclaimed television shows: Charles in Charge, The Love Boat, Who’s the Boss, Murphy Brown, Grace Under Fire, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory.

    In this Legacy Series episode, Lisa Haisha learns things about her husband’s life story (yes, husband!) that she was amazed by, and you will be too. Lee shares his unusual journey into the world of Hollywood, his struggles with addiction, his triumphant return to television and living a life of dynamic and inspiring transformation.

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    1. Eric Nelson

      Lee is inspirational. we faced similar challenges. I grew up in NY state foster care, moved out and lived in NYC ____hole apartment. didn’t smoke a lot…. but sold a lot 🙂

      after another career and nasty divorce, started writing (comedy, dramedy)late in life, hope to achieve fraction of Lee’s success. Best wishes, Eric

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