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    Paul Ryan – TV Host/Interviewer

    When Lisa Haisha was an aspiring actor, Paul Ryan was one of the finest acting coaches that she trained with. Paul became was a mentor who taught Lisa superb tools that she still uses to this day. Little did she know he’d not only become one of her dearest friends, but and a Legacy Series guest!

    No man knows more about the mind of entertainers than Paul Ryan, whose curiosity and gift for gab allowed him the opportunity to interview over 2,000 celebrities around the world including Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld and Sophia Loren as ET‘s Hollywood correspondent. Paul has starred in many TV shows and films; he has written books on comedy and acting, and was known as one of Hollywood’s premiere acting coaches.

    Despite their close friendship, Lisa learned so much about him during this interview including his profound thoughts about transcendental meditation and happiness.This man walks with giants! Famed host and interviewer, Paul Ryan, shares his legacy. What are you waiting for? Jump into the conversation and hear the interviewer become the interviewee!

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