Communication Creates Community:

    Raweia Nouri – Interior Designer

    Bombs. Bloodshed. There is more to Syria than what the news portrays, and this gentle woman sets the record straight. When Lisa Haisha met Syrian citizen Raweia Nouri, she knew it was an opportunity to hear about the human side of Syrian culture outside of the news cycle that focuses on the atrocities that continue to persist in the war-torn country. Have we asked ourselves: “Who are the people that reside there?” “What is their culture like?” “What is it like to live in America as a Syrian citizen?”

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa and Raweia take a step back from the media cycle and get to the bottom of the humanity of Syria that powerfully shines through Raweia’s kind and generous perspective and character. Syria is thousands of miles away from the United States, but those who live there are as much our neighbors as Lisa is to Raweia. If only there were as much peace in the country as there is between these two ambassadors! Listen in and prepare to shift your perspective on war, peace, culture, motherhood and legacy.



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