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    Virginia Williams – Actress

    “Admit it, confess it, correct it.” Actress Virginia Williams shares the values she embraced that made her a star on and off screen. Judging from her resumé on IMDB, she makes success look easy! Virginia landed a starring role on One Life to Live on her very first audition, and rose up the ranks to become the star of her very own television show on Lifetime, Monarch Cove. Virginia Williams is a testament to the fact that hard work, diligence and a dedication to facing your fears are still the foundation of a prosperous life no matter what life path we choose.

    In this Legacy Series interview, Lisa Haisha learns how Virginia crafted a life for herself in Hollywood without the industry swallowing her whole by living by specific mantras and behaviors while surrounding herself with like-minded peers who challenge her to be excellent in all ways. If you’re feeling like your life could use a new varnish, Lisa and Virginia’s conversation is spilling over with optimism and practical advice that will fill you with a new sense of direction!

    To learn more about Virginia Williams, you can follow her on Twiiter: @VirginiaWms



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    1. Valerie Gass

      Virginia is indeed someone who has met her goals already. She makes everyone who knows her feel special and that is such a gift. I feel blessed to know her and know that this is the precious Virginia we have always seen.

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