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    Daniella DeForest – Student

    Daniella DeForest is my phenomenal niece. Over the years she has stayed with me for a couple of weeks each summer, and I’m always impressed with her can-do attitude. She is a rock star! Daniella graduated at the top of her class and earned a scholarship to several colleges. She has chosen UC Davis to earn her degree in engineering.

    I believe Daniella’s story can motivate all of us. In previous years, she was not the best student and didn’t seem to be creating an extraordinary life. But sometime in High School she managed to flip the switch and she was off… fully focused and determined. Now she is a well-traveled young woman in her last year of college who is interning for $20.00 an hour! If you’re not sure what direction to take in your life, watch this interview and allow a smart 20 year-old to guide you. I love you D!

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