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    Kim Somers Egelsee – Speaker/Life Coach

    I met Kim Somers Egelsee through mutual friends and simply fell in love with her. Kim wears many hats including, but not limited to: life coach, best-selling author, mentor, counselor, speaker, NLP practitioner, TV host, columnist and hypnotist. She has reached millions of people with her message of living a 10+ life, helping people to exude confidence in every interaction and live 100% in their power.

    Her work is extraordinary. I urge you to watch her show and buy her course “Ten Weeks to Confidence” to see your life change for the better. It’s impossible not to shift with an angel like Kim on your side.

    Click here to watch her YouTube show, Passion Power Confidence

    For information more about Kim Somers Egelsee, please visit her website: