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    Pina De Rosa – Mindset Effectiveness Expert/TEDx Speaker/Connector

    I’ve known Pina since 2010. She’s in my inner-circle and is also a member of We met in Cairo while sailing down the Nile River, where we discovered that we live just a few miles away from each other. We were both hired speakers for a group of 150 in Egypt. Since that time, we have become great friends. To put it simply, she is a connector! She connects people and helps them soar. Pina is also a Mindset Effectiveness Expert, a TEDx Speaker and an award-winning producer. She has designed and lead live workshops for 13 years now. Pina’s commitment is to empower each individual to live their fullest potential. She helps to deliver a fast and lasting release of those internal blocks/fears/self-doubt that get in the way of us taking action and experiencing a higher quality of life. You definitely don’t want to miss this interview from someone that has learned the secrets of how to live life fully, and give back!

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    1. Eric Halsey

      Hi Lisa,
      I really enjoyed your conversation with Pina De Rosa.
      Favorite parts:
      “Trusting to Knowing”…hearing that “soul feeling” and listening to it; (Wayne Dyer). Going from a Mind-Body-Reaction type of person, to being the “ME” that is me, and OBSERVE this behavior while its taking place, is one of the greatest breakthroughs in my life. I call it “Soul Decipherability”; and literally have honed the technique of bypassing the brain altogether, and relying on “feeling” rather than “thinking”.
      “Your heart breaks so your whole world can rush into it”… is a beautiful feeling; helped me tremendously in answering some question about losing my next-of-kin older brother last year.
      “Shifting the Face of Medicine”…early cancer detection documentary Pina is working on; yes!! That would be earth-shaking and history-making!!! To have a legacy to Live. Learn. Empower. Would certainly be hers. Great Video Lisa. You’re a very magnanimous spirit. Eric

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