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    Brenda Adelman – Actress/Activist

    Brenda Adelman shares with us her struggles with forgiveness and loving herself after her mother was shot point blank and her father went to jail and when he was released two and a half years later, he ended up marrying her aunt. From that experience, Brenda created a one-woman-show. She shares her journey and gives us tips how to get on with life (and soar) in spite of what happens.

    I met Brenda over a decade ago while we were both getting our masters in psychology (five years after her tragedy). We were assigned to the same team (which was no accident) for a whole year and helped support each other, shed tears together and pushed each other’s buttons. I love you Brenda. You are truly a sister and a friend. You’ve inspired me so much and I’m honored to share you with the world.

    Brenda is a recipient of the Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project. Her one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, is about her personal experience of transforming tragedy. She speaks and leads workshops on Forgiving the Unforgivable and is a setting healthy boundaries expert as well as a transformational life coach. Brenda Adelman holds a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Partial list of her clients include: The AZ and NM Coalition against Domestic Violence, Until the Violence Stops: New York City Festival, Repair the World: International Jewish Theatre Festival held in Vienna, Austria as well as The United States Air Force.

    To learn more about Brenda, you can visit her website



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