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    Jodie Sweetin – Actress/Author

    Today we are proud to introduce you to a very talented woman, Jodie Sweetin! You may remember her from the classic sitcom, Full House! Well I have good news for you, the show is back on and you can watch it again with it’s original cast (minus the Olsen twins) on Netflix! In the much-anticipated new series Fuller House, Jodie Sweetin will reprise her role as Stephanie Tanner.

    In our interview, Jodie shares with us her trials and tribulations of being a child star (starting at age four) and then getting into drugs after Full House wrapped. She shares what she is doing now and how she is in full recovery and helping many others with substance abuse as the co-director of operations at Community Recovery Los Angeles. She offers us tips to help us shift our lives and to stay disciplined. She is a beautiful angel that has reinvented herself several times coming out on top. Jodie has published her first memoir, unSweetined, and she will also be starring in the 2016 cast of Dancing With The Stars. Hats off to you Jodie!

    To learn more about Jodie Sweetin you can pick up her inspiring memoir, unSweetined, and follow her on Twitter @JodieSweetin



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