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Tolucan Times Cover Story

Lisa was featured as the cover story for a May 2016 issue of The Tolucan Times | Written by: Gail E. Moss | Photography by: Alicia Reyes

Tolucan Times Cover Story

‘SoulBlazing’ With Life Coach Lisa Haisha: More Than A Weekend Seminar

Who is Lisa Haisha? This reporter will scratch the surface, but you’ll want to know more about this fascinating woman and how she used her experiences as an actor, director and artist. She also earned her master’s degree in psychology and has traveled to over 80 countries. As a result of her diverse cultural exposure and coaching experience, Haisha developed a technique that helps people control the “eight impostors” that live on the stage of our brains.

Tolucan-Times_May-2016_LisaSBIofficeHaisha grew up under a Baghdad roof in San Diego.  Her father raised her with Middle Eastern values, which meant she didn’t have a “voice” growing up. But now she’s in demand, speaking all over the world, inspiring others to think about what legacy they are choosing to leave behind.

After visiting orphanages all over the world, Haisha knew she couldn’t go back to her life as she knew it.  As a result, she became an activist and a leader in helping thousands of children globally and giving them a voice. Her humanitarian work has grown. She has created and hosts an annual Legacy Gala that is committed to inspiring others in the community to give back.

Lisa has raised over $110,000 for children in foster care and orphanages.

Haisha earned her degree in Spiritual Psychology in 2001. After graduating, she amassed an impressive roster of A-list clients. After working with hundreds of clients, she realized that talking with people about their issues and childhood woes was not always effective and often took too long. As a result, she developed a system that uses eight archetypes to define all aspects of the ego and to mitigate their impact. This led to SoulBlazing: “An experiential and interactive form of life coaching that helps to heal those who suffer with issues such as fear, shame, and low self worth. This process helps enhance communication skills with one’s self and others by developing and raising one’s emotional IQ.”

“Come and celebrate life in a community where we can share, grow, learn and entertain each other.” ~ Life Coach Lisa Haisha

The SoulBlazing InstituteHaisha created Super SoulBlazing Saturdays, a program designed for those who want to live a conscious and purposeful life and are willing to do the work. Everyone gets to be on stage and face their fears. One of the great things about the Saturday events is the sense of community and camaraderie: We may have arrived on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.

For a full day on a Saturday each month, Super SoulBlazing Saturdays will be held in a beautiful estate in Sherman Oaks with entertainment, great food and a variety of international speakers like Frank Ferrante ( Her other star teachers are SoulBlazing Certificate graduates Kenneth Rippotoe ( and Jen Dioguardi, who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

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