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    Finding Hope & Wonder: The Mute & Deaf Orphans of Peru

    Through the Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation, Lisa Haisha traveled to meet and speak with deaf & mute children at the Saint Francis of Assisi Orphanage Cusco, Peru. Listen to the three questions she asks each of them and be inspired by their responses.

    Click here to learn more about the children’s villages of Peru.



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    1. Jane Cowie

      What a lovely video!!! I visited this Orphanage in 2004 and always said I’d go back. To date I haven’t yet but have a Knit and Natter group that would love to knit some teddies , clothes and blankets for these children. What is the adress for the Orphanage and how many children stay there? Thank you so much. Cheers Jane Cowie 🙂

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