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    Blazing Borders TV is a collection of Lisa Haisha’s inspiring video journals from her extensive travels around the world. What started as a little bud of burning curiosity to travel, has blossomed into a vast account of eye-opening interviews with people from all walks of life.

    Lisa’s passion for travel is unquenchable, and has compelled her to visit over 60 countries in the past 20 years. During these travels, she developed an understanding of individuals and cultures that have given her insight into the nature of humankind – who we are and who we want to be, what we want and what we need, what we fear and what we dream of. For all the differences we seem to so often consider across cultures, our similarities far exceed them.

    With this knowledge, and through years of reflection and analysis, Lisa has developed a method of healing and self-improvement called SoulBlazing™, which you can learn more about here. Click on the buttons below to watch the captivating video series and to gain a deeper understanding of Lisa’s unique SoulBlazing™ path.


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    Unmade Beds: Memoirs of a SoulBlazer is a global video journal series (and now book) that chronicles cultural researcher Lisa Haisha’s ever-expanding account of her personal adventures meeting and interviewing people as she travels the world.

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    In the awe-inspiring debut of the Legacy Series, Lisa impressed us with a wide variety of interview subjects including: actors Jon Cryer, Sally Kirkland and Lucy Lawless, and acclaimed speakers Paul Ryan, Michael Levine and Marriane Williamson. 

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    In the second season of the Legacy Series, Lisa scored an amazing two-part interview with legendary fashion designer Sue Wong, as well as inspirational speaker Jessica Cox, actors Brian Tee, Mirelly Taylor and recent Dancing with the Stars contestant, Jodie Sweetin. Watch Legacy Season Two

    Rounding out the third Legacy Season with purpose, Lisa welcomed internationally-acclaimed speakers: Neale Donald Walsch, Kim Somers Egelsse and Pina de Rosa, musician Larry Dunn as well as actors Shirley Jones, Jill Whelan, Ted McGinley and Harry Hamlin.
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