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    Whispers from Children’s Hearts

    3 Magical Questions. One Book.

    A Global Movement.

    When Lisa Haisha decided to ask three simple questions to a child she encountered on her world travels, she had no idea her questions would one day spark a humanitarian mission. But that’s exactly what happened.

    Lisa imagined that, one day, she would publish the children’s responses as a book. But along the way, something unexpected happened.

    “After some time passed, and in reading back through all the quotes I had collected,” says Haisha, “I realized there was much more here. The power and mystery embedded in the soul of each child was profound. I felt these children have the ability to show us things we can’t always see ourselves. They are a reflection of our adult world, which has a ripple-down effect on our children, which we ignore at our peril.”

    So she continued to travel, collect more quotes, meet more children, and finally decided to create the foundation that bears the book’s name, The Whispers From Children’s Hearts. 

    Lisa began offering international mission trips to orphanages in some of the most remote, war-torn, and impoverished places on the planet providing provisions and soul care to children in need. Those initial travel missions produced unforgettable and life-changing experiences for all those who went on them.

    Today, the WFCH Foundation serves children in over 20 countries. By fostering cross-cultural awareness marked by compassion, peace and love, The Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation is building bridges of understanding and awareness across the world.


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    Whispers from Children's Heart Book

    What People Are Saying…

    “An amazing insight to the world we live in.” ~ Robert Allen, Author & Motivational Speaker

    “Read this book and hear your heart whisper.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

    “[This book] touches the inner ear of those willing to listen…These are whispers that long to have a voice.” ~ Ben Vereen, Entertainer & Motivational Speaker


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