Communication Creates Community:

    Unmade Beds: Memoirs of a SoulBlazer is a series that chronicles cultural researcher Lisa Haisha’s life and her remarkable adventures exploring the globe and it’s many fascinating people. Through these inspiring solo journeys around the world, she has discovered a peace and stillness that lies within, gaining access to a higher self that raised her personal and spiritual vibration, which has greatly assisted Lisa in finding her unique voice. From these experiences, she has chosen to dedicate her life to inspire others to do the same.

    Unmade Beds started as a global video journal, an ever-expanding account of her personal adventures (and misadventures) across Mother Earth. Yet, the thread of curiosity pulled Lisa over and under, within and through every opportunity to learn of and about the inhabitants and environments that make this little blue dot we live on a gift worth opening by land, by air, by sea, and by soul.