Meet the queen of brutal honesty.

Time to #makeshifthappen and live a more purposeful life.

What are you hiding?

Stop feeding your insecurities.

Where will your journey take you?

Let’s find out together!

SoulBlazing: The book that started it all!

Release negative self-talk and lead a more authentic life.

Seven key Imposters, or archetypes, underscore nearly every aspect of human behavior. In this groundbreaking book, discover a framework for understanding these Imposters and how they impact your relationship to yourself, others, and the world at large.

SoulBlaze Your Life: A Self-Love Journal

A three-month journaling program to manifest change.

Give yourself the space to reflect on your life. Begin a daily journaling practice to help you gain focus and achieve clarity, creating a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

SoulBlazing Bali: Spiritual Retreat

Group Sessions with Lisa Haisha in beautiful Bali!

Join us in Bali and learn powerful techniques to manifest change, engage in vital emotional and spiritual housekeeping, and obliterate obstacles in your way. Includes spa, workshops, yoga, meditation, and more.

The Written Word

The impact of SoulBlazing.

Here’s a sampling of the many books where Lisa has written about the impact of SoulBlazing, including the groundbreaking book on SoulBlazing: How to Harness your Imposters, Release Negative Self-Talk and Lead a More Authentic and Purposeful Life.

The SoulBlazing Journal

A Self-Love Journal

Giving yourself the space to reflect on your life as a daily practice to help you gain focus and achieve clarity, creating a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

This three month journal is a powerful tool to manifest change. Each page is designed to help you engage in vital emotional and spiritual housekeeping, identify your goals, and obliterate the obstacles that stand in your way.

The SoulBlazing Imposter Series

We all tell ourselves different stories and lies.

These stories hold us back and make us feel like Imposters. It’s time to confront your imposters for life-changing personal transformation. Transform your imposters into superpowers so that you can live a more purposeful and authentic life.

Why SoulBlazing?

Lead a more purposeful life.

“Lisa Haisha is the #1 SoulBlazer in America – in fact, she’s the #1 SoulBlazer in the world. I can say that with authority because Lisa is the woman who invented SoulBlazing – a groundbreaking avenue to personal growth and leading a more purposeful life. If you’re on a self-improvement journey, you will absolutely want this invaluable guide.”

Lee Aronsohn

Co-Creator of Two and a Half Men and Executive Producer of Big Bang Theory

The SoulBlazing Bali Retreat

The Soul is the divine essence within a person.

APRIL 2024

Join Lisa Haisha with other Master teachers at GDAS to embrace the area’s healing energies and vibrate at higher frequencies for the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. With the help of our accredited and experienced instructors and through a range of wellness programs accompanied by carefully curated vegan meals, we’ll guide you in identifying root issues and set you on the path to holistic healing and mind-body rejuvenation.

A Word From SoulBlazers

Hear from those who have experienced SoulBlazing.

“SoulBlazing helped me get clarity about what I wanted to achieve. What my life purpose is.”

“You learn a lot about yourself. You learn, you grow, and you cry.”

“SoulBlazing helped me to come back into my purpose and find my passion.”

“SoulBlazing gave me the tools to change. It is an incredibly safe environment with no judgements.”