SoulBlazing Imposter Series – Self-Guided Video Series (FREE)


Are you ready to transform your IMPOSTERS into SUPERPOWERS?

The Imposter Series is a pre-recorded 10-part workshop that includes:

  • Video Sessions to dive deep into each of the 7 Imposters
  • Downloadable WORKBOOK with 10+ exercises to implement what you learn in session
  • BONUS meditation practices to help you know your Imposters and tap into your Soul

You’ll learn how deep-rooted narratives from your childhood hardened into subconscious (and false) beliefs and patterns that became your Imposters and how to turn them into an asset instead of a liability.


Embark on an unforgettable journey with the SoulBlazing Immersive self-guided video series, where you set the price! We believe everyone deserves access to tools to help them find their authentic self, regardless of financial circumstances. Choose what feels right for you and immerse yourself in a world of possibility. Your adventure, your price!

Grand total

You’ll quickly begin to...

  • Understand the 7 Imposters that live on the stage of your brain… and acknowledge and LEVERAGE each one.
  • Learn the SoulBlazing method step-by-step… and explore your personal narratives rooted in childhood and how to rewrite your future.
  • Quiet your inner-doubts… and open yourself up to the possibility of change from within.

The Imposter Series will help you answer questions like...

  • What does it mean to live in alignment with your Authentic Soul?
  • What are those seven Imposters and how are they holding you back or preventing you from leading a more authentic purposeful and self-actualized life?
  • How can you leverage them so that they become a superpower rather than an obstacle?
  • And so much more.
SoulBlazing With Lisa Haisha