Fall 2024     |     Bali, Indonesia

The SoulBlazing Bali Retreat

Change your life in 7 days

Kindle the Brilliance Within

Prepare yourself to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening at the SoulBlazing Retreat in the enchanting setting of Gdas Bali. Unveil the brilliance within as you explore the essence of SoulBlazing, guided by Lisa Haisha, a seeker who has traversed the globe in search of wisdom and purpose. Get ready to get pampered in the spa, on the yoga mat and in meditation in the monkey forest while Lisa guides you through a variety of unique exercises, storytelling and games. 

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Russel Simmons


Lisa Haisha


Ben Vereen


Set Your Soul On Fire!

Join Lisa Haisha, legendary Ben Vereen and other Master teachers at GDAS to embrace the area’s healing energies.

Vibrate at higher frequencies for the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Participate in a range of wellness programs accompanied by carefully curated vegan meals as we guide you in identifying root issues and set you on the path to holistic healing and mind-body rejuvenation.

SoulBlazing: Set Your Soul On Fire

Why is change so elusive? Because from the moment of conception, you’ve been programmed by your environment and ancestry, shaping your thoughts and behaviors. Yet, if you understood the profound impact of your thoughts on reality, wouldn’t you seek to transform the 40,000 to 70,000 daily thoughts, many of which are negative and repetitive? The resounding answer is undoubtedly YES!

Enter SoulBlazing: A method delving into the seven Imposter masks ingrained since childhood, hindering our adult growth. Lisa leads you on a transformative journey akin to “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, carving away what no longer serves you. Engaging Improv games liberate and enhance your communication skills, while uncovering subtle barriers in voice, tone, and body language. Lisa’s expertise has empowered countless lives – now, it’s your turn.

If you’ve felt your thoughts shaping your reality, you know the importance of consistent practice in shifting patterns. Adopting daily exercises like “S.O.U.L” – Stop, Observe, Understand, Liberate – paves the way for transformative growth.

SoulBlazing extends beyond unmasking Imposters; it cultivates self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and storytelling expertise. Through empathic therapy, eye-gazing, strategic questions, and writing your story, you’ll befriend your dominant Imposter and step into your true self, echoing the transformative journey of “The Alchemist” and embracing authenticity and fulfillment.


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ME: A SoulBlazing Journal

During the retreat, you’ll join Lisa in guided group sessions while writing in your 90-day mind, body, spirit ME: A SoulBlazing Journal. Packed with thought-provoking questions and exercises, this journal will shift your awareness, empowering you to take control of your life.

Through daily reflection practices, you’ll gain focus, achieve clarity, and foster deeper connections with yourself and others. Each page of the journal facilitates vital emotional and spiritual housekeeping, helping you identify goals and overcome obstacles. With a vision for your future and newfound balance, you’ll embark on the journey to become the Best You.

The 7 Imposters Unveiled

Quiet your inner-doubts… and open yourself up to the possibility of change from within. It’s time to confront your Imposters. It’s time for life-changing personal transformation with the power of SoulBlazing.

SoulBlazing is based on more than three decades of travel, study, curiosity, and global experiences. It involves strategic questions, deep empathic listening, role playing, story-telling, writing exercises, affirmations, and improvising life situations. In addition of these activities, SoulBlazing includes meditation, prayer, and solitude.

The meaning of SoulBlazing is profound: the Soul, represents the divine core within, and Blazing is your heightened spiritual radiance. SoulBlazing is the process of setting your inner purpose ablaze with fervor and brilliance.

Join Lisa Haisha in an odyssey grounded in the profound, the ordinary, and the extraordinary.

Live a more purposeful and authentic life.

A health and wellness resort in the heart of Bali’s cultural and spiritual hub, Ubud.

Embrace the area’s healing energies and vibrate at higher frequencies for the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. With the help of our accredited and experienced instructors and through a range of wellness programs accompanied by carefully curated vegan meals, we’ll guide you in identifying root issues and set you on the path to holistic healing and mind-body rejuvenation.

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About Lisa Haisha

Featured as one of the Top Life Coaches to watch in 2023 by Entrepreneur Magazine, Lisa Haisha is a dreamer and seeker. She’s also a television host, mother, entrepreneur, personal coach, author, cultural researcher, world traveler, motivational speaker, corporate keynote, and spiritual healer. Lisa has traveled to over 60 countries to learn from people on their terms, including in boardrooms, yurts, Bedouin caves, South American jungles, ancient cities, prisons, and orphanages. Leveraging these learnings and her education, holding a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Lisa packaged her unique methodology into her best-selling “SoulBlazing” book, helping thousands worldwide live more purposeful, authentic lives.

  • Orientation
  • 5x nights accommodation
  • Daily Plant-based Nutrition
  • Wellness consultation with wellness expert
  • Workshops (Fable about Discovery, Fable about Self Love, Fable about Forgiveness, Transformation)
  • Sunrise Walking Meditation
  • Evening aromatherapy / Herbs Aromatherapy
  • Bedtime Ritual
  • Energize yoga flow
  • Pranayama yoga
  • 90 Min Jet Lag Massage
  • 90 Min Batu Tukad
  • 150 Min Treatment (Me-apun 90min, Body scrub 30min, Facial 30min)
  • Sound Bath healing
  • Dynamic Dance / ecstatic dance
  • Active meditation with Maitrea
  • Volunteer Trip
  • Gong Meditation
  • Melali monkey forest
  • Access to our spa facilities
  • Gdas daily activities
  • Mala Making Workshop
  • Visit Herbs Garden and making Loloh
  • Mandala Activities
  • Goodie bag

A Word from SoulBlazers


The Imposter Syndrome effects many people, even highly successful people, Lisa does a brilliant job in breaking your Imposters down, and understanding where they came from. Which helps you soar in every aspect of your life.

Kimberly Meredith


I’ve known Lisa for a hundred years. Her stories and the way she connects with her audience on the stage is mesmerizing. She is a true story-teller and game changer. Her SoulBlazing model has helped many people, including me. I’m honored to know her and to share the stage with her.

Ben Vereen


Lisa Haisha is the #1 SoulBlazer in America – in fact, she’s the #1 SoulBlazer in the world. I can say that with authority because Lisa is the woman who invented SoulBlazing – a groundbreaking avenue to personal growth and leading a more purposeful life. If you’re on a self-improvement journey, you will absolutely want to have her as your guide.

Lee Aronsohn


SoulBlazing is a powerful method for guiding you through your own emotional wilderness. Lisa’s principles are a master key to unlocking self-awareness and living your exciting true potential in life.

Dr. Joe Vitale


Lisa’s travels have put her in contact with suffis, shaman, and spiritual leaders uniquely qualifying her to help navigate life’s issues. She imparts her wisdom through her masterful story-telling skills and makes it highly relatable. There is no one who understands the soul’s journey like Lisa does and can explain things in a very concise understandable manner.

Larry Namer

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Only 12 spots available!

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SoulBlazing With Lisa Haisha