Imposter Quiz

Determine who your dominant Imposter might be.

Remember: We all have various aspects of the seven Imposters at play in our lives, but one is often in the driver’s seat.

Imposters are seven archetypes we developed to protect ourselves from the insecurities and wounds we experienced during our childhoods. They live in our psyches like masks that we wear for so long we start to identify with the falsehoods they represent.

Feeding on our insecurities, they often manifest as emotional obstacles and patterns we unconsciously develop to protect ourselves. Nine times out of ten, however, they actually create new obstacles that undermine our best interests.

Imposters are not just your biggest Saboteurs, however. They can also be your biggest Superpowers. Learning how to harness those superpowers and tame the saboteurs is the key to self-awareness and manifesting positive change in your life.

The Imposter Model originated from Lisa’s 2001 Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Inspired by her experiences volunteering at a women’s prison and working with orphans and foster kids, she uncovered the masks we wear to shield ourselves. Establishing her private practice in 2003, Lisa witnessed how these masks impede our growth. Focusing on seven prevalent masks, she recognized their universal presence in navigating life’s complexities.

In Lisa’s personal life, she applied these techniques within her marriage, experimenting with shedding masks to foster better communication, enhance fun, and cultivate forgiveness. She found that these practices not only saved marriages but also facilitated peaceful endings when necessary. Moreover, they strengthened friendships by dismantling ego barriers and promoting authenticity. Through this process, individuals could connect on a deeper level and experience genuine relationships and rid oneself of fear and the need to be liked. Truly life-changing.

Meet the Imposters

Which one do you identify with?

The Victim

The mothership of all Imposters. It shares a common border with your wounded inner child.

The Seductor

Flirtation and manipulation come together here, yet fear of real intimacy prevails.

The Fixer

Fixing things for others is a way to avoid self-reflection and doubles as a need for control.

The Judge

The Judge can become a rigid critic with a world view that’s set in stone.

The Egotist

Beneath the brash self-confidence you’ll find insecurity masquerading as bravado.

The Over Thinker

When unchecked, the Over Thinker leads to paralysis by analysis.

The Joker

The life of the party often masks a slew of insecurities that are no laughing matter.

The Authentic Soul

A peacemaker living in the moment believes in something greater than itself. Joyful and forgiving.

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