SoulBlazing Advanced Monthly Virtual Workshop

Where will your journey take you?

Let’s find out together!

Dive into the journey of self-discovery, learn the secrets to attracting and nurturing love, and manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

WHEN: 2nd Tuesday of each month starting June 11, 2024
TIME: 6:30-8pm PST
WHERE: Via Zoom online!

Prior to joining the advanced online class:

Embark on a thrilling monthly journey of personal growth and transformation!

Join a community of kindred spirits in a safe and supportive environment, where we’ll embark on this incredible journey together.

Each month, we’ll gather to explore the depths of our lives through dynamic storytelling exercises, empowering writing exercises, and immersive role-playing activities. Prepare to dive deep into the core of your being as we engage in heart-felt therapy sessions, fostering deep connections and profound insights.

During each session, we’ll shine a spotlight on 1-2 individuals, allowing the rest of the class to draw inspiration and support from their experiences.

With engaging homework assignments between sessions, you’ll have the chance to continue your exploration and apply newfound insights to your daily life. Imagine where you’ll be in one year if you embark on this journey today – the possibilities are limitless!

Invest in yourself and watch as you make quantum leaps towards the life you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait any longer – join us on this extraordinary adventure and unleash your full potential!

We will also be using ME: A SoulBlazing Journal for a truly immersive experience and as a guide and to track your growth. Get ready to embark on a life-changing adventure of self-exploration, healing, and growth.

Discover Your True Self

  • Group coaching sessions where we’ll dive deep into new concepts
  • Q&A sessions with the option to receive individualized coaching with me
  • Digital and printable workbooks to digest the material and track your progress

    Find and Cultivate Lasting Relationships

    • Meet and stay with your soulmate. Learn tools to thrive when challenged, instead of parting ways
    • Uncover Your Worthiness and Empower Your Wealth Mindset
    • Define abundance v. scarcity consciousness
    • Learn about the power of forgiveness and gratitude
    • And create new habits and rituals for growth

    Get Clarity and Inspire Motivation

    • Get to know your 7 Imposters and understand the stories that have defined your life.
    • Use these new discovered stories in your work as a coach, speaker, writer, author, politician, teacher, CEO or leader in any field
    • Learn the cast of characters living on the stage of your magnificent brain
    • Stop playing the “blame game” (for good!)
    • And turn your Imposters from saboteurs into superpowers

      Rewrite Your Story To Embrace What You Want

      • Reframe your stories by understanding the facts and begin to rewrite your future
      • Determine what gets in the way of creating what you want
      • Get in touch with your inner-child and write your Imposter stories
      • Spend time journaling with your Imposter and Authentic Soul for limitless healing and clarity.
      • Create your vision of your life mind, body and spirit and allow Lisa and the class to be your support team.

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