Unmask The Imposter & Set Yourself Free

How did I just waste so many years of my life… without realizing it?
Why am I so unhappy and unfulfilled… when I have ALL THIS?
Why can’t I just make things work? No matter how hard I try, I just keep failing (and flailing).

6 Weeks

Meet Your Imposter

  • Get to know your 7 Imposters and understand the stories that have defined your life
  • Learn the cast of characters on the stage of your brain
  • Stop playing the “blame game” (for good!)
  • And turn your saboteurs into superpowers

6 Weeks

Create Your Legacy

  • Reframe your stories by understanding the facts and begin to rewrite your future
  • Determine what gets in the way of creating what you want
  • Get in touch with your inner-child
  • Define your North Star and where you’re going next

6 Weeks

Build Your Abundance

  • Understand what your soul is communicating and SoulBlaze your way to abundance
  • Define abundance v. scarcity consciousness
  • Learn about the power of forgiveness and gratitude
  • And create new habits and rituals for growth