What “giving back” means for YOUR happiness

“Love your enemies because they bring out the best in you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I hate to say there’s *one* secret to living out the dreams of your Authentic Soul… but there’s *one* step that’s often overlooked (or forgotten): GIVING BACK.

Giving back to your local or global community… just giving wherever help is needed.

Because happiness comes from helping others: Your happiness (and the happiness of the people you help) grows the more you give what you’re able.

Yep, that’s right… if you want to be truly happy, , find a way to give back to the world.

(This feels particularly important after more than two years of a global pandemic where we’ve mostly been secluded at home!)

I can say this with resolution, because these moments of giving back (and learning to give back) are the ones that changed my life and career forever –

  • Volunteering as a life coach in state prison
  • Collecting the stories of Iraqi children (and sharing these stories around the globe)
  • Living with the Maasai tribe to learn that the vital secret to happiness is generosity

What can you do right now to give back?

How can you make it part of your weekly or monthly routine? (And once you do, make sure to notice how differently you feel about your own life… and the world.)

I promise, this work can truly change your life!

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