Broken dreams open doors: How to reframe

Once I realized what it meant to be a “star” in Los Angeles, that’s all I wanted to be when I grew up. And that’s what I set out to do once I “broke away” from the constraints of my conservative upbringing.

For many, many reasons, that dream didn’t work out.

(For one, there were some pre-MeToo movement events that challenged my real desire to remain in the industry.)

But what could I do with a broken dream?

I could buckle down and pursue a fizzling dream.

I could force my way into Hollywood (or relent my boundaries).

I could give up completely and leave LA for good.

Instead, I decided to pursue a new dream: to become a news reporter!

That’s actually what led me back to Iraq, in pursuit of an interview with Sadaam Hussein…

But you know that’s not the end of the story! Listen to the whole thing on this episode of A Fine Time For Healing.



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