The reason you have big dreams (but can’t get the off the ground)

“How long we stay in the depths of despair is the difference between blazing the soul… or not,” Dr. Pat Baccilli

Let’s talk about the Big Dreams you have… and why you can’t seem to bring them to life.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Pat Baccili on the Dr. Pat Show, and when the topic of unrealized big dreams came up, she said –

“There are more opportunities than ever before for us to be convinced we’re NOT capable… of everything we’re capable of being and becoming!” Do you feel that?

Dr. Pat is talking about the information-overload of negative news cycles.

And the unsolicited opinions of strangers on the internet.

And the negative ways we talk to each other… and ourselves.

I want you to remember that you always have a choice.

  • You can choose which news sources you engage with (and how often you listen).
  • You can choose to accept (or reject) the opinions of others.
  • You can choose to accept (or reject) the negative ways people talk to you.
  • And you can choose to talk to yourself differently, too!

Authentic Power (real power) comes from taking care of yourself first.

Discovering yourself is primary to helping the world (and bringing your dreams to life).

In fact, we might ALL experience real, genuine Authentic Power if we prioritize ourselves, then our families, then our local communities, then the world…

Because when you take care of and honor yourself, you allow space to realize your Big Dreams.

Listen into my hour-long conversation with Dr. Pat Baccili on the Dr. Pat Show to hear:

  • a 5-minute daily practice to rewire negative self-talk
  • how we both move through the depths of despair (to realize Big Dreams!)
  • and how Dr. Pat relates to the work of SoulBlazing

CONTENT WARNING: Dr. Pat shares a personal reflection about the Uvalde school shooting in the first 10 minutes. Listen in to hear her beautiful words (and take a moment of silence together); or skip ahead if necessary.

And let me know if this resonates with you!



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